Denali Commission Lapse Plan 2018

 Denali Commission Government Shutdown Plan

The Denali Commission will only incur obligations that can lawfully be funded from prior no-year appropriations (remaining available until expended) as authorized by law.  Since all Denali Commission staff members are exempt employees, whose salaries may be paid through prior, no-year appropriations, they will continue to report to work.   Prior to the shutdown, the Denali Commission has 14 employees reporting to work; after the enactment of a shutdown, the Denali Commission will have 14 employees reporting to work.

The current balance of no year prior year appropriations is at a sufficient level to maintain the operations for fiscal year FY 2018. If all existing no-year funds are expended before new appropriations are enacted, the Denali Commission will furlough all employees until new funding is made available.

The agency head (Federal Co-Chair) is an employee of the Department of Commerce, funded through annual appropriations, and will not be reporting to work.

In the absence of the agency head, the office will be maintained except for all actions entrusted in the Denali Commission Act to the position of Federal Co-Chair.  These actions will not be executed during the furlough period.  Such actions are listed in the Denali Commission legislation under sections 303, 304, 305, 306, 309 and 310. 

The duties to conduct our mission, under these sections of the Denali Commission Act, which will not be executed, are:


  • Mandated Commission meetings
  • Work Plan publication in the Federal Register for public comment
  • Annual Work Plan submission to the Secretary of Commerce
  • New contract and cooperative agreements
  • New grant awards
  • Appointment of new personnel
  • Procurement of temporary and intermittent services